About Us

EURO-LINK is a UK based business that aims on providing the best solutions to the customers' needs. Our role is to serve as a bridge between Eastern Europe and the UK. We assist businesses and individuals:

  • to promote and distribute their products/ services on UK and European markets;
  • to buy and ship various goods, vehicles and equipment;
  • to use the most efficient method of payments and money transfer;
  • to identify and apply for efficient sources of finance.

Our flexible approach allows us to work as part of customers' team - to provide a seamless link with their business; to develop a strong and full understanding of their business objectives, and to ultimately provide a fast, friendly, and cost-effective service. We listen to the requirements and through this we tailor our business to suit customers' needs.

We are in continuous search for new business opportunities and for this purpose we liaise and collaborate with people all over the world. If you think our cooperation could lead to a long-term mutually beneficial project, please Contact Us for a no obligation informal chat.