Technical assistance required for project aiming to strengthen the civil society sector in Moldova
The overall objective of this project is to contribute to civil society becoming a stronger actor and actively participating in decision and policy-making and the implementation processes of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement with the aim of enhancing domestic political and financial transparency and accountability.

• The civil society sector is more evenly distributed through the increase of the number and size of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and their capacity to be actively involved in the country's reform processes
• The consortium building and coordination capacities are improved within all different types of CSO
• The involvement of civil society organisations in all levels of decision-making and policy implementation processes is improved at local and central level, achieving financial governance and the government’s accountability through the existence of efficient and sustainable dialogue between CSOs and public authorities in which citizens play an active and engaged role in policy dialogue
• The civil society contribution to the improvement of social cohesion is increased through its active involvement in the reforms of the social service system and social and economic development

Value of contract: More than £100k
Response date:16/06/2016