Technical assistance required for public administration reform project in Moldova
The overall objective of this project is to enhance the institutional and human resource capacity of central and local public administration to elaborate and implement the evidence-based policy and to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of high-quality public services in line with the European Principles of Public Administration.

The specific objectives are:

• to contribute to the horizontal public administration reform process in Moldova in order to improve the efficiency, the effectiveness and accountability of Moldovan public administration
• to strengthen the administrative capacity of Moldovan administration to meet the requirements of the Association Agenda


1. The strategic framework of Public Administration Reform is in place, implemented and regularly monitored by relevant stakeholders
2. Improved policy development and coordination and legal approximation capacities
3. Improved professional capacity and motivation of public administration employees at national and sub-national level
4. Delivery of selected public services is re-engineered and implemented country-wide
5. The National Bureau of Statistics is compliant towards approximation to EU norms and standards
6. Improved administrative capacity of Moldovan administration both at central and local level to ensure efficient participation in the Danube Transnational Programme

Value of contract: More than £100k
Response date:16/06/2016