Lock & Seal security devices

EURO-LINK is an official distributor of "Olimp SRL" - a manufacturer of security seals and security locks hardware. Under this agreement we are engaged to promote and distribute LockIN hardware on UK territory.

Olimp has over 20 years of experience in design and production with an ISO 9001-2000 management system certified. The company priority is to produce high quality seals with unique design, that cannot be opened without a trace. Their products are in fact the company intellectual property, protected by patent and stand out from the products of their competitors.

The company has at least five seals, which have no analogs on the market. Where such seals are used as Super Scut, Inner Force, Garda-N, Oli-Lock and Titan, there is 100% guarantee to prevent the unauthorized access. Power seal Titan withstands the load of more than 1800 kg. These products really cannot be falsified or unlawfully used and reused.

The manufacturer is constantly innovating and offering comprehensive solutions to combat potential fraud, theft or breach of control and security.